Top 5 Best Instagram Story Maker Android App

Top 5 Best Instagram Story Maker Android App

Do you know, that 500 million active druggies use Instagram Stories every day? So, In this post, I ’m going to show you the stylish Instagram stories apps for Andriod in 2021. 

 Remember, you have only 24 hours for each Instagram story within the period it’s veritably important to engage further followership with your stories. 

 This task is doesn’t perform veritably well if you using an only Instagram app to produce stories, you have to need to go with some free Instagram stories apps for this, which helps you to make beautiful Instagram stories veritably fluently. These Instagram stories apps are veritably helpful to ameliorate and add some redundant goods to stories. 

In this Instagram stories apps contain a wide range of features like Animated stories, Stylish fountain textbooks, videotape and print goods, textbooks on print, and so on features like this. 

These apps push your followership to your stories back to back because of attention-grabbing stories. Brands, companies, and influencers are known veritably well how important Instagram stories are for them, that's why they concentrate on creating stylish stories for their cult. 

 Let’s dive into Stylish Instagram Stories Apps for Android 


 This app is one of the stylish Instagram stories app that turns your Instagram stories from ordinary to beautiful looking. Inshot provides you colorful types of editing tools like videotape pollutants, trim, cut, crop vids in perfect aspect rate. And you can also add music, voice- over, goods on vids, acclimate videotape speed fast or slow whenever you want. Adding stickers, textbook, emojis, and lots of stunning goods on both prints and vids. 

The stylish point of this app is that you can directly partake your stories with your Instagram profile. 

Crucial features 

  • Acclimate videotape speed fast and slow stir. Lots of stickers, emojis, and more. Set your aspect rates of vids and prints. 
  • Available Android & iOS 


The Canva app allows you to produce stunning Instagram stories without any knowledge of design. Thesepre-made templates help to produce unique Instagram stories super simple. One of the largest collections ofpre-made templates and layouts which makes this app more popular. 

 For this, you can use the “ Hunt box” to find unique Instagram story templates made by the community of professional contrivers. Just pick any templates, also customize sources style, images, textbooks, etc. Produce or customize Inspirational quotations, Instagram story highlights, Instagram story covers. icons, etc. 

To add images and vids in templates, choose prints from the device gallery or use the Canva library for this (Paid & Free). 

After creating your Instagram stories, also partake stories directly from Canva app to your Instagram account within clicks. 

Crucial features 

  • Over 1 million background images. 
  • pre-made templates by professional contrivers. 
  • Collections of stickers, emojis, textures, frames,etc. 
  • Available Android & iOS 
  • You can also use Canva from Desktop. 


Unfold app offers 400 templates including some that are paid & free. Design stunning Instagram stories withpre-made templates that stand out from others influencers. For this, use print editor pollutants including discrepancy, brilliance, shadow effect, achromatism, which makes your Instagram stories further attention-grabbing. And you can also add textbook on prints and vids with a stunning collection of swish textbook sources. 

Piecemeal from this, Unfold has a library of collections including Flim, journal, mood board, and further features like this which makes beautiful Instagram stories within a click. 

And you can also add pollutants like Reykir, Bedford, Paris, and Memorca for Instagram stories within a just many way. 

Still, layout and unlock all pollutants also you must have a member of the subscription where you get all benefits, If you enjoy all features of story templates. 

Crucial features 

  • Over 400 design templates. 
  • Created animated stories. 
  • Available Android & iOS 


If you're searching for an app that has stunning and beautiful textbook sources for making your Instagram stories images further attention-grabbing of cult. For this work, Typorama comes in games of typographic apps. 

You just need to elect any background and start codifying textbook on prints. This app has a wide range of typographic features. Piecemeal from these features including redundant advanced features and pollutants that make Instagram stories more seductive and catchy. 

Piecemeal from these features including redundant advance features like shadow and grade to make a high- quality typographic style. 

Crucial features 

  • Make unlimited quotations for Instagram. 
  • Advance typographic style. 
  • Over 100 unique fountain styles. 
  • 3D shadow goods. 
  • Available Android & iOS 


This free Instagram stories app offers you to make outstanding stories by the collections of pollutants, goods, swish sources, and so on. 

Storyart app has a wide range of prints or videotape editing tools that convert your simple stories to professional looking with royal. You have further than 2000 collections ofpre-made story templates including amped textbook, videotape, and other designing rudiments for this. And get amazing highlights covers & icons for your Instagram account for a great- looking profile. 

This app also provides professional videotape editing tools like trim or cut vids, slow or fast which makes great stories with these tools. 

Piecemeal from these tools and features, this app has one of the highest-rated stars on both platform Playstore (4.7) & Appstore (4.8) 

Crucial features 

  • Over 200 Animated story templates 
  • Collections of 300 swish pollutants & goods 
  • Further than 2000 story layout templates available Android & iOS 


I hope this companion is useful for you to find the most effective Instagram stories apps for android. All these apps that I mention during this post all apps help you to produce Instagram stories a lot of attention-grabbing that attract a lot of followership to your profile. 

If you have got any questions or suggestions with this post also note them down. Stay connected with us for further precious content every time 

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